Programmer`s IDE 2000 3.2

Programmer`s IDE 2000 3.2: Manage your computer programming and HTML projects Programmer`s IDE 2000 is a small utility that creates an integrated development environment (IDE) for C/C++ and Assembly language programs and libraries. Very useful for running MS DOS based development tools from MS Windows. You will need your own Language Compilers, Editor, Assemblers and Linkers to use this application. Programmer`s IDE 2000 can also be used for the development of embedded system applications.

TranSolution 1.3: Professional localization add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.
TranSolution 1.3

programmer about any conflicts (for instance, whether a string was changed by the programmer since outgoing translation - the programmer can then ignore the incoming translation if required). This program genuinely makes translation about as easy as it can be for both programmers and translators. Not just marketing hype, try it yourself and see. A sample solution is included but try our evaluation version on your own solution. We believe you`ll find

plugin, visual studio, add in, globalize, string, strings, globalization, addin, plug in, translate, translator, localize, translation

Charny Programmer NotePad 1.0: Charny Programmer NotePad is an advanced and powerful text editor for the progra
Charny Programmer NotePad 1.0

Charny Programmer NotePad is an advanced and powerful text editor for the programmers, it has a lot features. Features : - Plugin system - Tab system - Auto-Updating - Tab coloring - Syntax highlighting (For many languages) - Line numbering - Bookmarks - Lot of options - Document properties - Edit options - Full screen mode

LangAgent 2.1: LangAgent: the easiest way to localize/proofread your applications.
LangAgent 2.1

programmer and the translator, thus the programmer will be free from performing additional operations connected with localization, and there will be no necessity for the translator to have programming skills (such as editing resource files). For example, programmer wants to display a text message. Using standard approach he should: switch to the resource editor and open a string table window; use the menu to insert a new string; enter the text and

software localization, translation, localization

GTalkabout Personal Edition 1.0.2: Source Codes revisioning-control and review tools
GTalkabout Personal Edition 1.0.2

GTalkabout is a graphic interface base on subversion. This is a free software tool for programmers who want revision control to review their codes. With this software, you can work on various versions of your code. Some advantages of GTalkabout: It allows programmers to have easy subversion and revision control. It works in both online as well as offline modes. The software lets users link messages to specific parts of the code.

open source, footnote, version control, comment, markup, source code, subversion

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Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA 2.2

SCRIPT EDITOR: A script allowes the end user to control Parallel and Selial Port. PROGRAMMER: 24c01-24c512, 93c46-93c86, 25c010-25c640, 7002, sde2506, TC89101/2, X2400, X2444/30, 77007/5, CXK1011/12/13, 68HC05/11, PIC12C508/9, PIC12CE518/9, PIC16C554/8, PIC1684/83/877 and more... 4 CHANNELS LOGIC ANALYSER: I2C & Microwire monitor displays all transfers between MCU and EEPROM. HEX EDITOR: MDI; Undo/Redo; Print; Insert/Over mode; Find/Replace

eeprom, serial port, monitor, programmer, 68hc11, analyser, eprom, emulator, programer, 77007, microwire, hex editor, sde2506

Data Form ActiveX Control 1.5: Create or expand your database applications anywhere effortlessly.
Data Form ActiveX Control 1.5

programmer with an ActiveX compliant development environment or document and with minimum knowledge of coding or database skills to create complete database applications in minutes, anywhere, anytime. Even if you are in the middle of a project, or are just starting, you don`t need to make any changes to your actual applications to implement the ndDataForm control. In a few simple steps, programmers can create data browsers, data entry forms, open

create, authorware, entry, applications, form, data, programmer, activex, director, database, development, control

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